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Quick Summary


Trialled in New Zealand and California. Results for control Botrytis, Sclerotinia and brown rot.


Trialled in New Zealand. Results for control in Botrytis.

Soil Additive

Trialled in New Zealand. Results for control in Botrytis.


Research Summary


Botryzen’s Soil Additive has been trialled as an in ground application around cherry trees to reduce the inoculation of soil during the winter period of Botrytis. This has show significant positive results over the span of 2 years in completely controlling and removing Botrytis.


ARMOUR-Zen® is a natural product specifically developed for the control of Botrytis cinerea in wine grapes and ornamentals and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in ornamentals. The primary aim of this research was to provide field-based evidence that pre-harvest ARMOUR-Zen® treatments had efficacy against postharvest botrytis rot, thereby providing the cherry sector with a nil-residue alternative to the pre-harvest fungicide, Pristine®. The secondary aim was to determine if a pre-harvest spray programme, which integrated ARMOUR-Zen® with synthetic fungicides, was an effective as a synthetic fungicide-only spray programme.

A field-based trial was carried out on ‘Sweetheart’ cherries in small (<1ha) block leased to a neighbouring grower located at the Clyde Research Centre, Central Otago. Based on the evidence, ARMOUR-Zen® shows promise for effective treatment of botrytis rots in cherries. Recent reports of ‘disastrous’ disease control failures in Florida Strawberry fields due to the emergence of resistance in populations to Pristine® has highlighted the need for alternative products for botrytis rot control in New Zealand.


A field trial was conducted to determine the disease control efficacy of BOTRY-Zen®. The trial was located in a commercial production cherry orchard in the Kern County fruit-growing region near Mettler, California, USA.

The data show that BOTRY-Zen® treatments provided brown rot control compared to the untreated control.