Quick Summary

ACVM approved for off-label use.


Trialled in Korea for control in Sclerotinia.


Trialled in California for Downy Mildew.

Research Summary


Trialled in Suwon, control efficacy against lettuce Sclerotinia showed a percentage control of 67.1% after 7 days of BOTRY-ZEN® application compared to none in untreated infested plants. No crop injury was observed.


Key Findings:

The highest incidence and severity of downy mildew lesions per lettuce head were on the untreated plots, while the fewest were seen in the grower standard. A clear positive does response was observed from ARMOUR-ZEN® treatments; as the rate increases, the number and severity head damage is decreased. No significant differences at each evaluation for sensory estimations. While not different statistically, the data showed a trend towards superior returns and yields as the rate of ARMOUR-ZEN® increased, as much as was seen in the grower standard.

This trial was carried out to test the fficacy of three rates of ARMOUR-ZEN® against downy mildew in lettuce grown in California’s Central Coast region. Included in the trial was a grower standard and an untreated check.

Downy milew was well controlled early in the season, and means separation became evident after the last application. The grower standard performed best with fewest and least severe lesions. Percent control data showed a positive dose response from ARMOUR-ZEN® with the high rates providing superior control to lower rates.

Sensory qualities of harvested lettuce, which included odour and visual evaluation, were not significantly different in any treatment compared to the untreated check. Though yields were not significantly different, a trend was evident for high rates of ARMOUR-ZEN® returning greater profits.