Field Tomatoes


The control of Botrytis and Sclerotinia with BOTRY-Zen® was tested in the 2004-2005 season in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand process tomatoes. Although the disease levels were relatively low, BOTRY-Zen® applications over flowering reduced Botrytis incidence compared with the unsprayed and fungicide treatments (Table 2). The crop loss caused by Sclerotinia was very low and there were no clear differences between the treatments for Sclerotinia control (as shown in Table 2).

Table 2: Average weight (kg) of tomatoes with fruit rots at harvest in 2005.


Means followed by the same letter are not significantly different (P>0.05; LSD test)


BOTRY-Zen® has also been trialled by an organic glasshouse tomato grower with promising results; although deposits were left on fruit, which had to be washed off prior to sale.