natural biological fungicides


we manufacture natural and biological fungicides for the horticultural industry. an industry that predominantly uses chemicals for pest and disease protection. We supply the industry with a natural alternative that leaves no residue on crops.



We stand for providing future generations of crop growers with new generation products to help combat plant disease. We are focussed in developing products that fit the mandate internationally and in this niche area we are passionately driven to succeed.

Back in 2001, we were given the task to commercialise one product for the wine Industry, and so BOTRY-Zen® was born. Two other products have since been added to the company portfolio, which gives us the opportunity to provide an integrated spray programme for the full growing season.

In 2007, the New Zealand Winegrowers Association launched an ambitious sustainability policy, which targeted seven key areas to focus on. That of biodiversity; soil, water and air; energy, chemicals, by-products, people, and business practices. Central to their sustainability policy was a commitment to keep improving as new research was undertaken and new technologies developed. They are actively involved in both these areas, with an ongoing leadership role in industry research and development projects.


01. Biodiversity

All of our products can be used year after year without the threat of diseases building up resistance. Growers work hard to find the right mix of products for their situation and our products can be easily integrated into a disease management programme to ensure disease control and reduce the chance of resistance forming to chemical products.

All of our products are residue free and have no affect on the taste of the produce or further processing such as wine making.

03. Chemicals

All of our products are manufactured from natural ingredients or GMO-free plant products. BOTRY-Zen our lead product is from Nature itself, and is certified as an input for “Organic” grape, kiwifruit and blackcurrant growers.

Reducing the use of chemicals in our food and drink supply means healthier plants and soils. It also meets the growing demand for chemical free, environmentally conscious consumers.

All of our products have shown comparable performance to existing chemical products.

Using our products in an integrated spray programme growers are able to protect their crops right up to harvest.

When using our products, livestock are able to be utilised for vineyard and orchard maintenance, without compromising the meat industry.

02. Soil, Water and Air

All of our products do not harm the healthy soil microbes that make up the soil ecosystem. This immense and complex living community influence plant growth. Soil organisms store nutrients within their body and thus prevent nutrient loss by leaching. Without soil organisms organic material would accumulate and litter the soil surface, and there would be no feed for plants.

When using all of our products, spray run-off, leached through the soil, will not harm water quality in the water table or surrounding water ways.

04. People

Due to the residue free nature of our range of products, consuming wine, fruit and vegetables protected with our products, reduces chemicals being ingested and so improving our health.

05. Business Practices

As all of our products are manufactured in New Zealand, there is less risk of supply disruptions.

All of our products are registered with New Zealand government agencies

Two of our products have been accepted, or are going through the process, with global regulatory authorities and their reporting structures.


“Sustainability begins at home”

Peter foster  |  operations manager


New Zealand

BOTRY-Zen® - early season spray at 5% and 10% flowering
MIDI-Zen® - mid season spray between bunch closure and veraison
ARMOUR-Zen® - late season spray with no withholding period
BOTRY-Zen® WP -  wettable powder formulation

United States of America

Available through BioWorks Inc, US.

BOTRY-Zen® is available in California, Oregon, Washington and Florida under the trade name BotryStop®

BOTRY-Zen® WP is in the process of being approved

Available through BioGro Inc, US.

ARMOUR-Zen® is registered in USA and California


BOTRY-Zen® is available in Korea through the distributor Atlatech.


BOTRY-Zen® and ARMOUR-Zen® shortlisted to be registered

South America

Under research


Under research

South africa

Registration process


Registration process



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